Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Portraits with Strobist Advice

Wedding Portraits In Chicago - After the jump:

So I went to my uncle's wedding a few weekends ago. It was loads of fun, I was in the wedding party - tux and all - so I was not able to shoot - and could not set up a cool remote like I planned due to time and nowhere to put it.. but I got to try some lighting techniques out beforehand with some portraits. If you want a fun portrait as well. Come by McDavid 224 and I'll hook ya up with one gratis . =]

It was just one 550EX at 1/4 power shot through a translucent umbrella [not bounced]. My uncle's bedroom had a wall almost 18% GRAY!!! It was perfect! Haha.

Here are some more:

Just a little burning on the edges...

Thanks to Strobist's David Hobby and his great workshop at the Southern Short Course. If you don't check it out daily already:

Also Thanks to Laura Madden at Samy's Camera for getting me my lighting stuff ASAP shipped right to Chicago. Saved me big!


Anjali Pinto said...

Do you think people are going to steal these photos? Why do you copyright everything? Not being critical, just curious?

Patrick F. said...

Honestly? Prob. not, but would prefer to be safe than sorry. :)

The first watermarks were wayy to big before.. I am going to keep em smaller.

Stuart Peterson said...

Did you already take Advanced Techniques? OMG, boner.

Taylor said...

Some of that was a little bit like another language to me.