Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mizzou Spring Football Game

Football is a coming.

Had a good afternoon getting some time shooting the Mizzou Spring Football game. It was fun, uncrowded, and got to make some nice pictures. Shot with the D3 and 400mm f/2.8 - handholding it most of the time. Sweet lens, but I wanted more reach.

Follwing image looks best in Safari, since it handle's color profiles and shows the depth of the greens wayy better than FireFox.

Finally, a field goal picture I actually like!

And some fans and the players interacting after the game:

Which do you prefer?

Can't wait for August!


Taylor said...

The little boy in the last two photos is so entranced by the football

Is that the massive lens you sent a picture of in iChat?

Jeff Lautenberger said...

edges normally don't vignette themselves when using a 400, but whatever ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the first one, but I wanna see it sans vignette

Phoebe Sexton said...

Cool stuff. I prefer the first shot of the little boy - you get more of the "wow, mom, it's a real, live, ginormous football player" in that one.