Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Lost

Saturday was interesting - woke up fairly early and decided I was going to go down to Cooper's Landing here in Columbia, MO and try to find a cool picture story/make some cool pictures. Well, on the way, I decided that I would take a turn off before Cooper's landing and go down to this public fishing area - which had nobody there... but I found an Old truck belonging to Prost Builder's of Jefferson City, MO - it was cool and it had gun shots through it... stuck in the mud behind trees and such. The plate said 1983 - but I wonder how long it has been there. He must have not had a GPS [like me!]

After the truck, I was running low on fuel and decided to head back. Except I made a left turn instead of a right [bad] Thanks to no signs!! I found myself in the middle of some big corn fields and down Route K - and realizing that I was going the wrong way. So I turned around, but the skies were quite cool - and there was this massive tree [which is a favorite of my friend Taylor] - so I took a picture of it on the way back... just in case I should have been eaten by a bear or something if I were to have run out of gas.

Long story short - sans GPS and other techno goodies, I made it back ok.

Anyways, heres the truck and the tree... the tree picture had some extra saturation and burning done to it, and I have labeled it as such... but I like it nonetheless.

- Patrick