Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010 Day 6: Portrait In The Rain

Didn't get to shoot much today, had to handle a lot of image editing from photographers and work here in the Main Press Center. However this evening I was able to shoot the press conference for two time gold medal winning snow boarder Seth Wescott.

Seth won the gold twice now for Snowboard cross - out of the two years it has been an Olympic sport. The press conference was a normal presser - but he was cool enough to let me take him outside in the light rain for 2 min. for a quick lit portrait behind the bay here. Awesome to work with and totally fine with getting a little wet.

Seth was lit by a single 580EX II strobe with a 1/4 CTO gel and Omni-Bounce - shot on a Canon 1D MkIV @ 6400 ISO. The blue lights from the International Broadcasting Center made for a great rim light and a splash of color.

The beauty of using speedlights, being able to shoot quickly, even in the rain, without causing any trouble or hauling a lot of gear around like big strobes.

Tomorrow should be an early start, but more shooting hopefully and if I get a chance, I will start working on my multimedia project about Canadian fans.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Patrick. You must be having a fab time! lots of love, cousin Felicity PS If you want more snow then come visit us in Annecy (candidate for Winter Olympics 2018...)

jcedmonds said...

It's Seth Wescott...not Scott. Just FYI.

Patrick Fallon said...

Woops, thanks! I had filed them with Seth - somehow I mixed it up while blloggin!