Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Community: Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar 2009

The photojournalism community is a unique and wonderful thing.

Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt! Great ribs, not a fan of their cornbread though.

Thanks to the internet, there a lots of powerful sites like, APAD, and Lightstalkers. These sites provide message boards to learn, interact, and discuss - but nothing compares to the chance to make new friends and build relationships in person. We learn not only from interesting speakers and late night portfolio critiques, but from the people around us. Other students and journalists gather with open minds and a willingness to learn and share. The top names in our industry give up their own time to help the up and coming, college kids with aspirations and dreams.

Mr. CPOY 2009, but Ryan's attitude is so down to earth, you wouldn't know it without looking at his portfolio!

While I go to a big PhotoJ school like Mizzou, where I've made great friends and connections, I feel that the personal relationships I have made while attending workshops and seminars like Atlanta PJ, MPW and The Mountain Workshops have been a tremendous part of my photojournalism education. I've learned more in a few days than an entire semester, meeting great people from across the country along the way.

ZUMA Press founder Scott Mc Kiernan talks about the biz of photojournalism with ZUMA's Tessa Ferrario and freelance journalist Stephen Alvarez

In an industry as small and as difficult as ours, the people you know and trust are the ones you will turn to first, who you will ask for help and advice - and who you will try to help when the tables are turned.

I love being a photojournalist. Spending my time with friends who feel the same way as I do about storytelling and pictures is second only to making great photos [and sometimes the two even collide!].

Driving back from Atlanta to Columbia, Missouri - I've never had a 10 hour drive pass by so quickly. There is more to life than we realize sometimes, it never hurts to just admire the beauty in the world around us and appreciate what we have.


erin*carly said...

Looks like I should build this conference into my schedule / budget for next year, huh. I've seen it talked about before, but never had the chance to head down there.

Patrick Fallon said...

Its a pretty sweet event. There are other seminars and workshops out there too - this is a bigger size one, but I think they each have unique characteristics that make them cool.