Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So we had a small carnival in town as part of a fund raiser for the Redondo Cross Country team. It was the first year they have done something like this and I give them a lot of credit for a good event. Went down to grab a few frames for the weekly paper, The Easy Reader, go to see some old friends and make conversation. It was good. Talked with some carnies who were not terribly scary and then wondered aloud what happened to all the Gold Fish who were not won as prizes... may they RIP in the Santa Monica Bay.

Anywhoot.. pictures... this was under a red XC tent.. so yes, it really was that red and not just me being all myspace-astsy

Redondo junior Chloe Curtis paints an octopus on the face of her friend Alex Lowe in order to raise money for the Redondo High School Cross Country team.

Yeah Yeah Yeah.. I know my composition leaves a little something to be desired, but I like the little moment there... something that I find missing not only from my own images at times, but a lot of work I see nowadays... perhaps it is the most important thing I learned to really look for at Mizzou this semester, I was thinking about it today and on Saturday and have come to the conclusion I need more of them.

So anyways, enjoy, thoughts and ramblings or even shameless self promotion [that is your cue Will and Stuart]. See you all back in CoMo for my 20th Birthday :)

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